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Speed Is the Game

A2Go products and services accelerate business. Applications of data and analytics drive improved decision making within seconds via distributed applications. Every second counts and is either constructive toward helping you compete, or not. A2Go delivers that advantage with instant, anytime, anywhere analytics.    


External Data Enriches Insights

A2Go products and services provide over 400 external data products in one location. Multiple non-native data streams can be explored simultaneously to measure the impact they have on the accuracy of predictions, alerts, and ad-hoc queries.                    


Embedded AI Augments Humans 

A2Go products, called “analytic microapps,” provide a path towards broad availability and distributed operations of business decisions that are enriched by AI and Machine Learning. A microapp is a discrete purpose-built analytics application that can run independently or as a clockwork solution across a set of microapps.   


Augment Data Science Teams 

A2Go products and services are developed and maintained by world-class teams of data scientists, Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers, data engineers, and UX (User Experience) engineers. A2Go teams augment your team to innovate or cultivate technologies, processes, and tools to automate solutions that are accurate, timely, and repeatable. 


Discipline Delivers Enduring Results 

A2Go ensures success through an elite cadre of certified scientists and engineers who follow and share our world-class processes, business rules, agile method, and innovation—all of which are needed for unparalleled analytics-driven results at speed and scale.   


A Message from Our CEO 

We are an agile analytics team differentiated by diverse industry and technology backgrounds. Our deep analytics and consulting accomplishments have been recognized internationally. We formed Analytics2Go to change the way analytics are consumed. We are putting analytics in your pocket. We are demystifying data science. We are turning the tables on legacy software giants. We are revolutionizing decision making.

We can help you optimize the recurring and mission-critical decisions you make by employing best-practice techniques that: 

  • Identify your ideal analytic strategy
  • Source and curate the internal and external data you need
  • Design, deploy, and maintain reliable analytic microapps

Analytics2Go is here to augment and accelerate your data teams and their efforts. All of this can be done for a monthly fee—enabling quick on-ramp and off-ramp of our auxiliary resources and solutions (analytics-as-a-service). Analytics routinely enable performance improvements of 10% or moreWhat is holding you back?

Mike Romeri, Analytics2Go CEO  

Email us at: info@analytics2go.com

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A2GO in the News 

Town Hall

InovaTec Town Hall Meeting in Presidente Prudente, Brazil

In February, Christian Alves, Director of Operations at Analytics2Go, attended a town-hall meeting, where Mayor Nelson Bugalho, the municipal secretary of Technology, Rogério Alessi, and the CEO of Inova, and Bruno Carnelóss, presented the InovaTec Program—a new program that fosters and promotes the development of local startup technology companies. Christian informed city officials about the success and future plans of the Analytics2Go Factory, which was established in Presidente Prudente in late 2017. Read more here.

hackathon logo

The INFORMS 2019 Freestyle O.R. Supreme Hackathon

The INFORMS 2019 Freestyle O.R. Supreme Hackathon was a great success—bringing a few dozen students and practitioners together in Austin at the premiere Business Analytics conference in Austin for a fun and collegial event. From a worldwide call for submissions, three teams were selected to present their solutions. Analytics2Go team members, Aaron Burciaga and Andrew Musselman, were proud to be involved in organizing the event and judging the presentations. Read more here

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