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About A2Go

Data Analytic Microapps and Analytics-as-a-Service 

We have a passion for analytics—made credible by education and experience. Our solutions are not book reports, inert visuals, or un-actionable insights. We want companies to benefit from the analytic insights we discover. It can be difficult for companies to go from insights to results.

Analytics2Go bridges the gap between insights and decisions in order to ensure that analytic insights are made available to all of the decision makers responsible for an individual company’s important recurring decisions. Our strategy for bridging that gap is to design and deploy best-practice micro-apps, which are narrowly scoped to support individual decisions in real time. 

We deliver data science value to individual decision makers by providing optimized decision recommendations to to them at the time the decision is being made. The recommended decisions or actions reflect industry best practice and data science insights. 

Our microapps are built to make them simpler to deploy and easier to adopt. Some analytic projects are beginning to look like Enterprise ERP implementation initiatives; that is not Analytics2Go. We are here to make it less complex and more affordable to make consistent incremental progress using analytics in your organization without hiring your own data scientists and without accepting a Big Bang effect in the future. 

We hope you will take the time to get to know us. We are different; we are better. We simplify the data science process and make it affordable. We scale it for normal human beings who are entrusted with making important decisions. We design analytics for the company decision makers, not data scientists.