Analytic Microapps

Our analytic microapps are made available to our customers via a web service. Each microapp is dedicated to improving particular business decisions, such as reducing customer churn, improving sales forecast accuracy, identifying operational problems, and diving into their root causes, etc. through specifically designed augmented analytics. The A2Go Microapps are accessible to any subscriber via a personal login.


The KPI Microapp, as the name suggests, provides a valuable set of Key Performance Indicators that enable business owners and managers to easily understand—in real time—financial, inventory and customer metrics. Users can access data from individual or multiple business units to compare how their KPIs perform.


The XSell Microapp (XSM) provides businesses that operate in an order-and-pay scheme with the ability to perform highly context-specific cross-selling recommendations in real time. For every single transaction, this application will provide a list of additional product recommendations for customers based on objective, data-driven analytics. The recommended products are specific to that customer at that moment and, therefore, have a high likelihood of being purchased by that customer along with their other items. The benefits of this application are improved customer satisfaction and improved sales. Consumers today are demanding more personalized shopping experiences. The XSM gives you that personalization. 

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Sales Rewards

The Sales Reward Microapp (SRM) enables businesses to manage and measure the cross-selling performance of their sales force. Once the app is in place, the business owner or store manager has the option to establish employee reward programs based on the cross-selling performance of individual employees, individual stores or any grouping of the sales force. It is widely known that happy employees make productive employees; employee retention is vital to any business due to significant costs related to recruiting and training. Since the performance of employees and stores depends on many variables, they can be difficult to measure and predict. The SRM, combined with our Cross-Selling Microapp, gives business owners the tools to understand how well each employee or store is doing with the cross-selling recommendations as well as a way to positively impact employee satisfaction rates.  

Short-Term Demand Prediction

The Short-Term Demand Prediction Microapp (SDPM) provides "order-and-pay" businesses the ability to predict demand in the time frame of minutes or hours. The SDPM is particularly valuable for businesses in which a significant portion of operating cost lies in their ability to predict how much product they will need to have on hand at any given time. A2Go’s SDPM can be used to predict demand on different aggregation levels—from individual items to categories of products. The SDPM allows any business to manage their operations and production schedules using real-time augmented analytics to accurately predict demand.

Weekly Demand Prediction

The Weekly Demand Prediction Microapp (WDPM) provides businesses with the ability to manage their operations in areas, such as inventory, labor demand, and marketing, based on an accurate prediction of daily demand. The WDPM sends weekly advanced notice to the business with a daily breakdown of restocking recommendations, both at a category and individual SKU level. External datasets curated by A2Go strengthen the accuracy of the WDPM.

Market Basket Analysis  

The Market Basket Analysis Microapp (MBAM) provides businesses with the ability to identify the most valuable combinations of products sold together. Businesses can develop sales strategies, promotional packages, and improve store layouts based on the knowledge of what items sell best, when combined. 

The analysis is performed on historical sales records to identify what product combinations are most valuable to the business. This knowledge allows the business to develop highly successful sales and marketing campaigns. 

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is a powerful data-driven marketing tool that increases revenue and customer satisfaction. It allows a business to understand how their customers spend money with them, what products each customer is likely to purchase and when— enabling the business to customize customer communication and to offer products, events, and discounts that customers are interested in receiving. In addition, the Customer Segmentation Microapp (CSM) identifies the most profitable customers for a business. This powerful microapp gives you an efficient, effective, and custom-tailored marketing tool.

Next Purchase Prediction 

The Next Purchase Prediction Microapp (NPPM) provides an accurate prediction of when an individual customer is likely to make his or her next purchase. Predicting when a customer will return to shop allows businesses to build more effective marketing campaigns and loyalty programs. Predicting future shopping events also allows businesses to achieve more accurate sales forecasts.

Combined with the Customer Segmentation App, businesses can use the Next Purchase Prediction information to reach out to individual customers in anticipation of their next shopping event, offering incentives and additional products. Established businesses with historical sales data have characteristic sales dynamics hidden within their data. A2Go’s NPPM is built to reveal these patterns with a high level of accuracy.

Text Sentiment Analysis 

The Text Sentiment Analysis Microapp automatically analyses structured or unstructured text, which makes it possible to classify the sentiment expressed in the text as positive, neutral or negative, while also taking into consideration the intensity of the emotion. Text sentiment analysis allows businesses to get actionable insights from what their customers express via email, chat, social media, product reviews, etc. This capability works best, when customer expressions come from a broad number of sources in different formats and, most important, in large numbers. Analyzing thousands or even hundreds of written expressions submitted by customers per day based on human work is costly and ineffective. This application can heavily reduce the number of instances to be analyzed by classifying them based on the type of sentiment so that businesses can focus on the ones that matter most.


eCommerce Product Recommendation

A2Go’s eCommerce Product Recommendation Microapp (EPRM) relies on customer browsing histories to identify relevant products to recommend to customers via email. Any business with a website knows how important it is to influence website visitors to purchase products. The eCommerce Product Recommendation Microapp will tell you which product to suggest to each customer. The products that are recommended are identified by the EPRM, as the products most likely to be purchased based on a customer's browsing data. Once businesses know which products should be recommended, an email can be sent to that customer with an offer. Individualizing the product recommendations has a major impact on converting recommendations to sales, compared to emails presenting random products or mass emails to all customers with all offers.

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The Technologies We Use


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a leader in Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) giving a safe datacenter to hosting servers, elastic power computing for agile solutions and business scale. A2Go servers and Database are hosted by Azure.


Google Cloud Platform

GCP offers Machine Learning tools services, providing to build reliable platform to run workloads in fast, large scale and easy to use. A2Go is enabling businesses to unlock their value of data with modern online and Real-time Intelligent Applications.



Outsystems is leader in Platform as a Services (PaaS) and provide modern low code language development platform for reliable and robust applications. A2Go applications are developed using Outsystems' low code platform.