Retail Use Cases

Global Fashion Company

Email Marketing & Cross Sell Optimization

Global Fashion Company

Customer Segmentation & Customer-Lifecycle Prediction

Online CPG Company

Price Optimization


Global Personal Care Company

Price Optimization to Maximize Market Share

Business Challenges

This international, personal-care brand runs promotions in multiple channels for different product categories on an annual basis. It wanted to understand the impact of price differences with its competitors on its market share for a few of its most competitive products. 


SMART AI Solutions

We  established the basis for a multi-dimensional pricing model by understanding how market dynamics were affected by price changes. We called this a price-demand sensitivity analysis. 

In addition, we developed a SMART AI Microapp Solution to deliver optimized predictions and prescribed actions for decision-makers. The microapp simulated market variations resulting from price changes, allowing for “what-if” scenario analysis, and then optimization analysis—in this case on price related to market share. The app was delivered to the company via a web-based interface.


International Pharmaceutical Company

Customer Segmentation & Sales Optimization

B2B Rental Business

Demand Prediction Per Customer Segment

Global Electronics Distributor

Granular Demand Prediction

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