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Richard Godinez
Chief Analytics Officer

Richard has devoted his career to management and technology consulting and has a strong track record of leading digital transformation teams focused on solutions and services. He has been active in the AI space since its early days. His background includes expertise in AI, deep learning, machine learning, and IoT/edge computing.

After earning the BS degree in operations management from Florida State University, he earned two MS degrees: from Northwestern University in advanced engineering services and applied mathematics and from the University of London in supply chain management sciences. He has held practice director and partner-lead roles at some of the most prestigious global consulting firms, including Arthur Andersen, KPMG Consulting, Tata Consulting Services, and Capgemini. Before joining Analtyics2Go in 2019, he held senior positions at Cognizant Business Consulting and Genpact as well. Richard has been awarded 11 patents for inventory, supply chain, manufacturing, and advanced analytics solutions.

At A2Go, he will continue to lead teams of data scientists and management consultants in their use of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI in the service of our clients’ digital transformation across many industry sectors. He has helped companies make this transition in these industries: life sciences, financial services, industrial products, electronics, consumer products, retail, automotive, and aerospace. Additionally, Richard is the recipient of the Golden Circle Award presented to the US’s top 25 thought leaders and practitioners in supply chain and manufacturing analytics. 

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Analytics2Go (6 of 7)