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Large organizations in every field already know and rely on the power of analytics. Most data science projects improve performance against the targeted metric by more than 10%. For example, here are some typical experiences we have observed with clients using analytics effectively:

  • Online price analytics driving revenue increases of 20% and profit improvements of nearly 40%
  • Inventory optimization analytics reduce inventory levels by 20%+, while dramatically improving customer service performance
  • Demand prediction with 20% higher accuracy for many different companies in different businesses and over different time horizons 

Among large companies, a top data initiative is machine learning followed closely by big data. Among small and medium-sized companies the number of machine learning pilots has doubled and will doubled again by 2020. Leaders of companies of all sizes are learning and experimenting with machine learning techniques; no one can afford to be left behind. 

Most companies struggle to apply insights effectively across their organizations. Analytic microapps are designed to support specific recurring decisions, such as customer quotations, forecasting or purchasing. Rather than expecting decision makers to connect the data insights to the specific decision at hand, we provide a recommended decision or action based on the underlying machine learning insights. Augmented analytics delivers optimized decision recommendations to individual decision makers in real time. We complete the insight-to-value process and allow individual decision makers to take advantage of analytic insights without mastering machine learning themselves.

We maintain A2Go Microapps and regularly monitor their performance. We have automated the process of converting data science insights into actions. Our goal is to make augmented analytics less complex and more affordable so that our clients will not need to hire their own data scientists. Do not get left in the dust. Bring your company into the future, and embrace augmented analytics.

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