The INFORMS 2019 Hackathon

The INFORMS 2019 Freestyle O.R. Supreme Hackathon

The INFORMS 2019 Freestyle O.R. Supreme Hackathon was a great success—bringing a few dozen students and practitioners together in Austin at the premiere Business Analytics conference in Austin for a fun and collegial event. From a worldwide call for submissions, three teams hackathon logowere selected to present their solutions.

The challenge question was: “What is the future of autonomous mail/delivery services across North America through 2030? Demonstrate key factors that can be exercised to develop scenarios, plans and planning systems that can be customized and made accessible to operators as well as fleet planners and managers.”

The teams were given exclusive access to external data made available via Analytics2Go’s partnership with Demys. They were also allowed to incorporate feeds from other open data sources and use any licensed or open-source tools. Solutions and approaches ranged from higher-level and strategic to heavily quantitative and simulation-driven.

Discussions among the judges was lively and raised interesting questions about the teams’ approaches and decisions, especially considering the time constraints imposed by the competition environment. It was inspiring to see young student-practitioners solving a real-world problem and presenting their work on stage. 

Analytics2Go team members, Aaron Burciaga and Andrew Musselman, were proud to be involved in organizing the event and judging the presentations. A2Go is looking forward to sponsoring more events like it in the future to further the discussion and opportunities for analytics to drive deeper adoption and results through data, data engineering, data science, and decision-making tools throughout industry and government, among both the seasoned and emerging industry workforce.