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The pandemic and its economic fallout remain in flux. We are all learning how to live with the disruption--even the disruptors have been disrupted!
A2Go can support you through this time of change and uncertainty by helping you monitor trends and identify patterns, and by alerting you to unusual behavior in your most recent data. These insights will help us all to better understand where we are going and to be proactive. Learn More.

Who We Serve

Analytics2Go provides AI solutions to the Retail, CPG, Distribution, eCommerce, and QSR industries.

Our solutions come in three flavors - standard, 'assemble to order,' and custom. All solutions target mission-critical, recurring business decisions.

Our platform holds tested AI models and external data sources to solve business problems. A2Go is fluent in many methodologies.

We focus on optimizing supply chain processes, demand prediction, pricing & promotions, as well as  customer purchase recommendations.

We bring the technology, expertise, and external data to you

Analytics2Go solves the problems of high infrastructure costs, lack of experience using AI to solve business problems, and restricted access to external data sources needed to optimize results. All of the above hurdles have resulted in under 50% of AI initiatives being successfully deployed in businesses.


We can untangle the technology overload for you

With A2Go, you can solve your business problem using data and AI without suffering through the overwhelming technology landscape of data, autoML, security, and visualization platforms. The technology changes quickly, and it's difficult to keep up while running a business. Let Analytics2Go take on the technology and use our decades of business experience to help you benefit from AI solutions now for your most pressing business challenges.

We share our tech and domain "know-how" with you

The A2Go team has decades of AI, IT, and business experience and knows that the technology is NOT the tricky part ... the tricky part is applying the right technology in the right places. More is not always better, and AI solutions that are targeted at specific use cases deliver better ROI than 'one size fits all' platforms. 

Our platform is adaptable and agile

Our cloud-based platform houses all the technology required to ingest the data, operate the AI models, and deliver insights, predictions, recommendations, and alerts directly to end users. You get your own 'mini' AI operating system to address from one to dozens of business problems specific to your company.


Features of A2Go SMART Solutions & AI-as-a-Service
Specific & Scalable

Our cloud-based solutions are built to your needs for fast results that scale.

Modular Components

Tested AI models & tools are used in our 'assemble to order' solutions. 




Our solutions automatically learn from new data, recalibrate, and optimize.


Our expertise ensures fast time-to-value and improved process performance.



Transform your business one pain point at a time with targeted AI solutions.

Some A2Go AI-as-a-Service Results
  • 8% increase in revenue with dynamic pricing 
  • 98% daily prediction accuracy on promotion revenue
  • 25% reduction in inventory levels with demand prediction
  • 10% increase in revenue with demand prediction

"Mobly has been implementing automated pricing since 2016. We always saw it as leverage.

"But we have 230,000 SKUs, and it’s humanly impossible to manage that volume. In the end, we had to focus on a few top sellers. Also, what we could see about each item was limited. Without AI and machine learning, it’s hard to understand the relationships among such factors as competitor pricing and how other products affect outcomes. So, the idea was to get a model that captured the effect of external factors on our margin generation in a given period.

"A2Go has a great team and a great partnership with Rulex. They’re very transparent both in their approach and what’s working or not. The greatest advantage besides finding the optimal solution is the speed in reaction time it affords us. With the AI algorithms running all the time on internal and external data streams, we get the results we need for decision making in real time. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, having optimal, dynamic pricing as conditions change is more important than ever in our business."

--Victor Noda, CEO, Mobly       



"The winning solution that A2Go provided with Outsystems' help was for a major global CPG company to develop a multi-dimensional price-elasticity model in Brazil.  The customer is in a highly competitive field where understanding how its market share, by product category, varies with its pricing models, is critical."

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