Running Your Business
on 'Intelligence'



Specific & Scalable

Recommended actions are  customized  to your needs  for fast, effective solutions that scale.



Modular microapps

Purpose-built modules optimize specific business decisions _ deployed individually or in sets.




End-to-end, the process is automated to continually learn, recalibrate, and optimize solutions.



Our collaborative approach ensures fast time-to-value and improved process performance.



With automation and SMART AI, you can transform your business one pain point at a time. 

Retail, Industrial, Grocery, CPG, QSR
10% increase in revenue
for a global electronics distributor
15% increase in revenue
for an online CPG company
10% reduction in marketing
spend for QSR chain
15% increase in revenue
for a global fashion retailer
$75 million reduced costs
for an agricultural company

Solutions By Industry

Our SMART AI Power Plant and microapp solutions put optimized business decisions at your fingertips.

360 degree intelligent, real-time, contextually relevant data gives you intelligent business solutions.

No more guessing or going on instinct.

Supply Chain Solutions
& Demand Forecasting

25% reduction in inventory
levels without affecting revenue
8.4% more conversions with
segmented, targeted email
38% reduction in freight costs;
67% in premium freight costs
14% increased revenue
for a grocery store chain

Cross-Industry Solutions

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