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Our Analytics-as-a-Service platform and our microapps use the latest machine learning and AI to enable your decision-makers to make the best decisions for your business _ at every point in your value chain. Whether they are customer-facing, on the factory floor, or facing deadlines on strategic or tactical plans, your employees can use our microapps for optimized decisions at their fingertips. No more guessing or going on instinct.

  • Empower your workforce with automation and AI driven solutions.
  • Accelerate the time-to-value for your AI initiatives.
  • Simplify the processes of integration, deployment, and adoption of AI into your business.

Dynamic, Intelligent Solutions ...

Retail, eCommerce, Consumer Packaged Goods, Quick Service Restaurants, Manufacturing...

SMART Connected & Actionable Intelligence powered by our

SMART AI Digital Power Plant and Microapps

keeps your future in a constant state of optimization

Cross-Industry AI Microapp Solutions

Supply Chain, Demand Management, Customer Experience, Dynamic Pricing, Promotion Optimization, Freight Optimization ...

What Is  Unknown SMART AI?

Artificial Intelligence that delivers ... Actionable Intelligence ... Across Industries ...

Specific & Scalable

Recommended actions are  customized  to your needs  for fast, effective solutions that scale.


Modular microapps     

Purpose-built modules optimize specific business decisions _ deployed individually or in sets.




End-to-end, the process is automated to continually learn, recalibrate, and optimize solutions.



Our collaborative approach ensures fast time-to-value and improved process performance.



With automation and SMART AI, you can transform your business one pain point at a time. 

What Can Microapps

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