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In the rearview mirror, the COVID-19 pandemic might be considered the great equalizer for all businesses, big and small.   A2Go can support you through this time of change and uncertainty by helping you accurately forecast demand and optimize pricing for all your products in real-time. 

Our AI microapp solutions provide situational awareness  by continually monitoring external data sources so you can be prepared to "sense" future demand and be proactive rather than reactive.

All solutions operate on our platform and can be integrated and deployed in your own infrastructure or from the cloud. 

Let us run your AI so you can run your business.

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Retail, CPG, QSR, Industrial
10% increase in revenue
for a global electronics distributor
15% increase in revenue
for an online CPG company
10% reduction in marketing
spend for QSR chain
15% increase in revenue
for a global fashion retailer
$75 million reduced costs
for an agricultural company

Solutions By Industry


Mobly has been implementing automated pricing since 2016. We always saw it as leverage.

But we have 230,000 SKUs, and it’s humanly impossible to manage that volume. In the end, we had to focus on a few top sellers. Also, what we could see about each item was limited. Without AI and machine learning, it’s hard to understand the relationships among such factors as competitor pricing and how other products affect outcomes. So, the idea was to get a model that captured the effect of external factors on our margin generation in a given period.

A2Go has a great team and a great partnership with Rulex. They’re very transparent both in their approach and what’s working or not. The greatest advantage besides finding the optimal solution is the speed in reaction time it affords us. With the AI algorithms running all the time on internal and external data streams, we get the results we need for decision making in real time. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, having optimal, dynamic pricing as conditions change is more important than ever in our business.

--Victor Noda, CEO, Mobly       

Supply Chain Solutions
& Demand Forecasting

25% reduction in inventory
levels without affecting revenue
8.4% more conversions with
segmented, targeted email
38% reduction in freight costs;
67% in premium freight costs
14% increased revenue
for a grocery store chain

Cross-Industry Solutions

Features of SMART AI

Specific & Scalable

Recommended actions are  customized  to your needs  for fast, effective solutions that scale.

Modular microapps

Purpose-built modules optimize specific business decisions, deployed individually or in sets.




End-to-end, the process is automated to continually learn, recalibrate, and optimize solutions.


Our collaborative approach ensures fast time-to-value and improved process performance.



With automation and SMART AI you can transform your business one pain point at a time. 

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