Run Your Business
with 'Intelligent' Data-driven Solutions



Specific & Scalable

Recommended actions are  customized  to your needs  for fast, effective solutions that scale.



Modular microapps

Purpose-built modules optimize specific business decisions _ deployed individually or in sets.




End-to-end, the process is automated to continually learn, recalibrate, and optimize solutions.



Our collaborative approach ensures fast time-to-value and improved process performance.



With automation and SMART AI, you can transform your business one pain point at a time. 

Retail, CPG, QSR, Industrial
10% increase in revenue
for a global electronics distributor
15% increase in revenue
for an online CPG company
10% reduction in marketing
spend for QSR chain
15% increase in revenue
for a global fashion retailer
$75 million reduced costs
for an agricultural company

Solutions By Industry

data has a better idea (4)


Would it help to have a 360 degree, real-time understanding of customer, supplier, or vendor behavior, 24/7? 

Customer demands have become the great equalizer in all businesses.  Demands and preferences are changing all the time because the context in which decisions are made is changing.  Optimizing your business from supply chain logistics to retail pricing requires demand forecasting and predictions of future behavior to make the best decisions for inventory, distribution, promotions, and much more. 

Our SMART AI Platform is designed to continually update and monitor your data intelligence while our AI microapp solutions deliver accurate forecasts and recommended actions specific to your business.  Intelligent data means intelligent solutions.

Let us run your AI so you can run your business.  


data has a better idea (4)

Supply Chain Solutions
& Demand Forecasting

25% reduction in inventory
levels without affecting revenue
8.4% more conversions with
segmented, targeted email
38% reduction in freight costs;
67% in premium freight costs
14% increased revenue
for a grocery store chain

Cross-Industry Solutions

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