About Us

Analytics2Go (A2Go) is an AI as a Service company that builds, deploys, and monitors modular AI solutions.  We are focused on cross-industry, digital supply chain management, demand forecasting, and price optimization solutions. 

Our team of supply chain practitioners, consulting experts, and data scientists has years of experience identifying use cases and developing AI solutions that are tailored to fit the nuances of your business. A2Go has developed a repeatable, quick, and robust AI Opportunity Assessment process to recommend the most profitable "quick wins" available to each company along with an AI strategic roadmap that focuses on automation and optimization of recurring business processes.

Our approach is to build solutions you need into your infrastructure. We strive to reduce your “throw away” software and, instead, reuse, recycle, and repurpose existing systems to bring the most economical AI solutions to you. We have found that all supply chain functional domains--from  procurement to freight logistics--benefit most from targeted AI solutions versus preconfigured software built for the masses. Our approach sets us apart.

What does our approach solve for you?

Simply, our services and cloud-based AI solutions significantly reduce the infrastructure and time investments related to vetting technology and building, integrating, updating, and maintaining your company’s end-to-end AI digital operating system. Our proprietary technology provides continually learning AI models with real-time data feeds. As the data and your business environment change, each AI solution continues to deliver optimized solutions to end users so they can make the best decisions possible. 

In short, we run your AI so you can run your business.


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