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Christian Alves
Lead, Analytics Factory

Christian directs A2Go’s AI/analytics factory development and operations. He brings a 20+ year career in IT management to his role in building the solutions that we provide in collaboration with our clients. Before joining A2G, he led IT management and development initiatives at several large Brazilian companies.

He also cofounded Zelum Analytics, which was acquired by A2Go in 2017. There he was responsible for software development, architecture, and infrastructure to support customer projects.

His educational background includes a BS degree in electrical engineering with emphasis on electronics from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ); graduate specialization in information systems at Fluminense Federal University; and a Master’s degree in business administration from Coppead/UFRJ.

Christian welcomes the challenges inherent in A2Go’s mission to develop AI solutions for companies of all sizes addressing complex issues in highly competitive markets.


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Analytics2Go (5 of 7)