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Danillo Pereira
Chief Analytics Officer

Danillo is Chief Analytics Officer at Analytics2Go. In addition to multiple degrees in the computer sciences, he has published widely in the field of analytics, machine learning, and AI. His main focus at A2Go is creating modern analytics models that aid business planning and decision-making.

His undergraduate work was at the São Paulo State University, followed by the Master’s and PhD degrees in computer graphics/vision and applied mathematics at University of Campinas. He also held post-doctorate fellowships in machine learning and data science at University of Campinas and Federal University of São Carlos.

With this thorough grounding in the field of artificial intelligence and continual research and learning, he is able to apply the most current data-science knowledge in the solutions A2Go’s data science team provides its clients. Danillo’s curiosity matches his knowledge, and he always looks forward to the challenges and collaborations our clients and business partners provide.



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Analytics2Go (2 of 7)