AI Insight Discovery

Data Intelligence Suite

Data from a year ago won't give you the necessary insights you need to guide your business today.  Now more than ever, you will have to track the new trends and patterns in product demand, customer preferences, and marketplaces. These will show all businesses the way as we transition from COVID-19 to our 'new normal' locally and globally.


Trends Discovery

Identify and evaluate key trends automatically

  • Identify underlying cost and revenue drivers
  • Interpret/explain past period results better
  • Use trend insights to plan more effectively

Pattern Discovery

Identify underlying cost and revenue drivers and other correlations in any set of structured data, including Excel spreadsheets. Leverage these previously hidden relationships to gain new insights for your decision making, better planning, and explanations for past behaviors.


Outlier Discovery

Identify, investigate, or isolate atypical data configurations in order to discover root causes and/or take corrective actions to ensure your model's output accuracy.

All solutions in this suite can be implemented and automated for customers in under one week.

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