Predicting Future Demand

Update your demand prediction process with easy-to-use, cloud-based AI solutions

Our Demand Prediction Solutions Offer ...

Better Decisions

javier-allegue-barros-C7B-ExXpOIE-unsplashAll of our demand prediction solutions utilize proprietary, "ready to use" external datasets that provide real-world context surrounding recurring business decisions by region, industry, and business domain. 

'Explainable AI'

onlineprodrecommOne of our standard solutions, delivered in partnership with, uses an AI driven Learning Engine to provide a rules-based approach and "explainability" into how each specific prediction and prescribed action is determined. 

Ease of Use

olav-ahrens-rotne-jvBXiynINGE-unsplash-1Our solutions are delivered in formats ranging from Excel spreadsheets to customized dashboards available on users' personal devices. All AI solutions can be run as a service on our platform or deployed in your existing infrastructure.



Swimmers1Our AI solutions provide rapid alerting of changes in demand that allow for quick responses in advance of major shortages, overstocks, and more.  Accurately predicting the future will allow business teams to make better decisions.


Solution Type #1

Analytics2Go offers a 'rules-based' AI demand-prediction solution in partnership with that is suitable for CPG and Retail companies.  

Solution Type #2

Analytics2Go also offers configurable AI solutions for predicting the demand of products, services, revenue, and more. Our solutions are built from reusable components plus valuable external datasets and AI models developed to suit your individual business need.  

Benefits to You

The application of AI-based demand prediction solutions has typically led to improved forecast accuracy of 15% to 30%, resulting in significant operational improvements. 

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