Dynamic Pricing

A2Go 'Price-Right AI'

Dynamic pricing focuses on the sweet spot—the right price at the right time.

B2B: Optimized, Dynamic Pricing for Wholesale Distributors & Online Retail

A2Go delivers AI-driven applications that optimize pricing per customer and per SKU. To improve adoption, and therefore ROI, we integrate our applications seamlessly within existing workflows .  See more details below.

Responsiveness & Adaptability

By definition, 'dynamic pricing' is responsive to market conditions. The complexities of monitoring and reacting to ongoing internal & external changes are simplified with Price-Right AI. 

Price-Right AI allows you to quickly adapt to customer demand changes. It can be applied 24/7 and is built to follow pre-set business rules specific to each company, with the goal of selecting 'the price' that maximizes revenue in any given environment.

Contextual Analysis

Our Price-Right AI solution requires only 10 days of your historical data to analyze, along with relevant external market-sensing data to recommend optimized prices. External data such as weather, local events, and seasonality will influence customer behavior on any given day and is provided as part of Price-Right AI. 


Price-Right AI combines your business rules and data plus our AI models to evaluate the landscape of product categories, channels, and sales unique to your business. This evaluation results in a customized AI-driven solution for each customer in weeks.

Our experience shows that Price-Right AI can provide benefits of 8% - 20% in incremental revenue. 



"We wanted to get a model that captured the effect of external factors on our margin generation in a given period. A2Go has a great team and a great partnership with RuleX.ai. The greatest advantage besides finding the optimal solution is the speed in reaction time it affords us.”



Victor Noda
CEO of Mobly, a Brazilian eCommerce furniture portal

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