Use Cases

Optimization of Cross-Sell

Global Fashion Retailer: This company was dissatisfied with the revenue results of its current e-commerce platform’s recommendations for new customer purchases. Complex parameters such as discounts and low inventory on some products had to be factored into the computations and analysis.

A2Go developed a microapp that delivered optimized predictions and prescriptive actions for decision-makers in three weeks’ time. This speed was possible because the company had all of the relevant data at hand that was necessary in the analysis. When we piloted the solution in tandem with the company’s current platform solution, the results were impressive.

15% improvement in revenue 

Price Optimization

Online CPG: A major retailer that offered consumer products online was challenged with ineffective pricing strategies and techniques.  The company decision-makers acknowledged that they did not understand the demand drivers, could not monitor the marketplace effectively, had little in the way of pricing strategy, and knew it could be improved with analytics.

Working with the pricing teams at the company, it was possible to use analytics to expand from a handful of pricing strategy alternatives to a multitude of alternatives that were defined systematically in order to consider the full scope of options.  In addition, using algorithms, the demand prediction of the company's online products improved dramatically--allowing  foresight to avoid stock-outs.  

Result: 15% higher revenues and improved customer satisfaction by avoiding stock-outs