Grocery Use Cases

  • Real-time & on-demand propensity-to-purchase intelligence for each product for each customer
  • Real-time personalized offers tailored to each customer using behavioral AI

Increased Customer Retention and

Improved Loyalty Program

at a UK Grocer


Digital Customer Experience Initiative

  • Helped to identify Loyalty Program opportunities
  • Shifted the Program to four tiers
  • Offered differentiated offers to higher tier customers
  • Captured 'propensity to purchase' for all items per customer at different price discount levels
  • Provided AI driven optimal basket selection to drive cross-sell recommendations
  • Used Behavioral Intelligence Analytics to:
    • Predict Purchase Timing
    • Personalize Offers
    • Recapture "missing" customers




  • Increased new customer participation on average by 17% across each tier, expanding the revenue base by 7%
  • Lowered the incentive discounts by 63%
  • Increased revenues by 16% and profits by 35%
  • Redemption rates were 8X higher


Helped a Regional Grocery Chain

Reduce Customer Churn 

Helped Another Grocery Chain

Reduce Customer Churn and Improve Profitability


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