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Mike Romeri
Chief Executive Officer

Mike has an extensive background in consulting and operations as well as in entrepreneurship and innovation in the technology sector. Since graduating from Harvard University with an MBA and a BA in economics and history, he has held several executive roles with manufacturing and software companies, including Senior Vice President of Flextronics’ Europe; CEO and Managing Partner at OPS Rules (acquired by Accenture in 2016); Managing Director at Accenture Analytics; and Executive Vice President for Business Development at Emptoris.

He was also a partner for many years at the high-tech management consulting firm of Pittiglio Rabin Todd and McGrath (PRTM). The firm was later acquired by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Mike has been active in the venture-capital community as well—as a partner at Converge Venture Partners and its predecessor, Common Angels Ventures, since 2004.

Mike’s areas of analytic expertise are in strategy, value analysis, collaborative design, and adoption and implementation. Analytics2Go is focused on helping companies make better decisions for return on investment with the competitive advantage of analytics-as-a-service.


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Analytics2Go (7 of 7)