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João Célio

JoaoCroppedWe are proud to announce that João Célio, former Director of Strategic Programs for McDonald’s Brazil, has joined Analytics2Go as an affiliated partner. His extensive background and experience in the food service sector, especially in the Quick Service Restaurant segment, will strongly improve our ability to develop and deliver high-value-driven analytical solutions to our customers in Brazil and other countries in Latin America. 




... And Flávio Fleury

thumbnail_Foto Fleury

A2Go is happy to announce that Flávio Fleury also recently joined our team as an affiliated partner. He earned the Civil Engineer and MBA degrees before embarking on his 36-year career in the retail, health, and finance sectors in Brazil, where he has served as a CEO, CFO, or Director at some of the largest groups and companies.  Flávio will be helping A2Go extend the benefits of our AI as a Service offering in Latin America through his extensive business and academic networks, including his professorship at Abramge Corporate University (UCA) and his associate membership at the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC). 




Synapse Orlando,
October 2019

Analytics2Go was proud to participate in Synapse Orlando last week. "We experienced technology and creativity in downtown Orlando when companies, founders, artists, and performers from across the region gathered to celebrate innovation in the Orlando region with Synapse Orlando and the Creative City Project’s annual event, Immerse."



October 2019

Outsystems Innovation Award pic

In October 2019, Outsystems awarded Analytics2Go its Best Use of Emerging Technology Innovation Award. As an Outsystems spokesperson describes the award: “Winners in this category delivered an application, mobile app, or portal built with OutSystems that uses or connects to emerging technology such as AI, IoT, voice recognition, microservices, or bots to improve processes, businesses, or performance.”

The winning solution that A2Go provided with Outsystems' help was for a major global CPG company to develop a multi-dimensional price-elasticity model in Brazil.  The customer is in a highly competitive field where understanding how its market share, by product category, varies with its pricing models, is critical.  

A2Go built and optimized an AI solution for the pricing-elasticity model during a proof of concept project, followed by the company’s request for pricing-scenario simulations using the AI solution. To accomplish this, we built an application—a market-share prediction microapp—to encapsulate the data feed, the AI, and a user-friendly interface, thereby allowing access and usability to the end-users in marketing and finance.

OutSystems provided the user interface capability to our AI microapp, allowing the B2B customer to visualize and interact with charts and graphs depicting the predictive pricing scenarios. A2Go also partnered with Digital Alchimia to build the AI microapp using the A2Go Smart AI engine (A2Go Power Plant).

Hackathon Logo

The INFORMS 2019 Freestyle O.R. Supreme Hackathon

The INFORMS 2019 Freestyle O.R. Supreme Hackathon was a great success—bringing a few dozen students and practitioners together in Austin at the premiere Business Analytics conference for a fun and collegial event. From a worldwide call for submissions, three teams were selected to present their solutions. Analytics2Go team members were proud to be involved in organizing the event and judging the presentations. 

Hackathon Logo

InovaTec Town Hall Meeting in Presidente Prudente, Brazil

In February, Christian Alves, Director of Operations at Analytics2Go, attended a town-hall meeting, where Mayor Nelson Bugalho, the municipal secretary of Technology, Rogério Alessi, and the CEO of Inova, and Bruno Carnelóss, presented the InovaTec Program—a new program that fosters and promotes the development of local startup technology companies. Christian informed city officials about the success and future plans of the Analytics2Go Factory, which was established in Presidente Prudente in late 2017. 

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