Supply Chain Analytics Need to Be Smarter

Analytics need to become smarter in three essential ways in order to enable existing enterprise processes (e.g., S&OP) and IT solutions (e.g., ERP) to perform more effectively in the face of greater uncertainty. By looking at the future through the windshield rather than the rear-view mirror, AI-powered analytics can:

  • Identify adverse trends at the earliest possible moment
  • Rapidly develop and evaluate alternatives to avoid disruptions
  • Quickly deliver agreed plans to SC planning and execution workflows

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Dynamic Pricing - Its Time Is Now

Managing your pricing is the first step toward managing your margins. AI-powered “dynamic pricing” adds consumer behavioral intelligence, seasonality, competitive pricing, and other external data to improve the accuracy of the price recommendations generated. Recommendations come from the optimization of thousands of “what-if” scenarios generated by algorithmic models.

We have seen dynamic pricing provide benefits of 8% - 15% in incremental revenue and 30% - 40% in incremental profitability on optimized SKUs.

Learn more about how our Price-Right AI Solution works at  our Blog. 

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yue-su--WX6S7utock-unsplashTake the AI Route to Better Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting/prediction has traditionally been based on historical customer data and seasonality in many industries. With the advent of AI technology, however, demand can now be effectively predicted looking at regional parameters, customer segments, product categories, particular channels, and store locations. It uses internal data plus relevant, real-time data from external sources such as global consumer activity indicators, geopolitical events, and social sentiment.

Continual monitoring of your “business environment” context increases the accuracy of predictions and the positive outcomes from the resultant prescriptions for action.  Contact us to learn about our Demand Prediction Solutions, customizable for your industry segment.

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GarycircleGary Mullin

New Appointments at A2Go

Gary Mullin has joined A2Go in the roles of CFO/COO.  He brings extensive experience in banking and finance, having most recently formed FTG Financial to help other entrepreneurs build their companies.

A2Go’s lead data scientist, Danillo Pereira, has been promoted to Chief Analytics Officer (CAO), and Christian Alves will lead our Analytics Factory in Brazil.

Cofounders Stephen Hutson has been named Chief Technology Officer and Rafael Fanchini Chief Product Officer at A2Go. Senior Advisor Marc Escande is working closely with our AI Factory team. He brings a wealth of international business experience and fluency in four languages. 

See detailed profiles at our Team page.

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