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Rafael Fanchini
Chief Product Officer

Rafael has a background in business consulting for multinational telecom and technology companies in Brazil and the United Kingdom. He was a co-founder and CEO at Zelum Analytics from 2015 to 2017 and a director at EY, a digital consulting company, from 2011 to 2015. He joined Analytics2Go in 2017, when we acquired Zelum. He is a graduate (BA degree in naval engineering) of the Universidade Federal de Rio Janeiro, where he also did postgraduate work in economic engineering, followed by two years of study in the data-science Master’s degree program at one of Brazil’s top universities.

At Zelum, Rafael led a group of data scientists who developed data-driven processes and solutions using Big Data and Machine Learning for leading companies like Vivo, McDonald’s, Claro, Heinz, and Algar Telecom. At EY, he was a project director for major telecom companies in Brazil.

Rafael has focused on analytical solutions for customer marketing issues, such as dealing with consumer churn and customer lifetime value, pricing and dynamic pricing, promotion optimization, and demand prediction. He has led projects for companies in the consumer packaged goods, e-commerce, and QSR (quick-service restaurant) industries. At A2Go, he translates our clients’ business challenges for data scientists to build the microapps that will deliver better decision choices for greater value.


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Analytics2Go (3 of 7)