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OurMethodologyOur Analytics-as-a-Service offering will take you from your business pain point to automated, data-driven decision-making.  It enables a truly end-to-end digital transformation guided by technology (A2Go's SMART AI Power Plant and AI Microapps) and human expertise (A2Go's seasoned business and data-science team).

Steps 1 and 2 _ We help you identify your ideal analytic strategy with our highly collaborative approach.  The initial phase is our Customer Insight Process that begins by defining your business decisions that can be improved with SMART AI.  We then work with you to understand where codifying and automating existing best practices can provide "quick wins."  To improve on your existing outcomes, we “augment” your processes by sourcing and curating relevant external data needed to provide context for more accurate decisions. 

Step 3 _ We build custom, AI microapps for your use-cases to uncover hidden relationships and opportunities. The microapps are tested in a POC phase to verify that they out-perform your current practices. 

Steps 4 and 5 _ A2Go deploys our cloud-based SMART AI Power Plant for each customer when the first microapp for that company is created. Ours is not a big-bang approach! The Power Plant usage is extended as microapps are added. Since our Power Plant is continually ingesting your data and learning, it will automatically recalibrate your optimal solutions in real time and send that intelligence to the end-user.

Our collaborative approach encourages engagement and adoption. We enable your workforce to make better decisions without making changes to their standard workflows, roles, and responsibilities. 


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

We offer our SMART AI Power Plant as a service on a subscription basis for those with the expertise to develop business applications on their own. To reduce the costs of building out the supporting capabilities required for automated, intelligent data curation and the capacity for automating the continual calibration of their AI models, some users may want to store and run them on our SMART AI platform and benefit from its fast and powerful capabilities. Features include:

  • Semantic layer manages non-standard data structures
  • Internal/external data curated efficiently
  • AI layer used to develop advanced capabilities
  • Microapps integrate with process automation and visualization layer (optional)
  • Can be cloud-based or behind the firewall



  • We combine business expertise and data analytics for optimized solutions across industries
  • We design small, use-case specific microapps to improve your decision making at any point in the value chain
  • We simplify consumption of real-time analytics with our microapps
  • We operationalize your analytic strategy with automation and data-driven, targeted solutions
  • We have developed techniques to deliver actionable intelligence to your end-users

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