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Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

In this age of digital transformation, we understand that every company is at a different level of maturity. Our team at A2Go is well equipped to guide your management and IT leaders no matter where you are in your journey.  

Our AI-as-a-Service approach enables a truly end-to-end digital transformation, guided by technology and human expertise. It will take you from your business pain point to automated, data-driven decision making.  

Lack of adoption for ML/AI solutions and complicated, clumsy platforms are remarkably prevalent across industries. Why not get the solutions your workforce wants and needs from the start? A2Go builds relationships with your team early on, bringing end users and team managers into the solution design phase to make sure you get what you need. 


Panel of Services

assessiconAnalytic Horizon Model: Your AI opportunity assessment. A2Go can partner with your teams to develop an AI strategy starting with the identification of the biggest impact use cases and moving on to a diagnostic phase of data and processes. The AOA typically takes 1 - 4 weeks, at which time our team will have a clear picture of your data quality and availability, an understanding of the processes connected to the identified use case, and a proposal for the AI solutions you will need to improve efficiencies and revenue.


externalicon Data Curation and Augmentation  To improve on your existing outcomes, A2Go can provide, as a service, an “augmentation” of your existing ML/AI processes by sourcing and curating relevant external data needed to provide context for more accurate predictions and recommended decisions. 


buildicon2Build & Deploy Standard, Configurable, or  Custom Solutions  After a brief discovery phase, A2Go can recommend either a standard AI solution from our library or build a custom solution that will fit the nuances of your business. We build configurable solutions from reusable modules we have created for specific use cases. We help you test our AI models in a POC phase to verify that they out-perform your current practices. 


servicesicon2Automation of Data Prep & AI Solutions on our Platform  We run our platform as a service for our customers to drive the data prep, AI deployment, and operation of all solutions from our cloud-based SMART AI platform. You can run one to dozens of AI solutions on our platform and pay for what you use.

Simplifying Your Digital Transformation

Agile and Adaptive Approach

Our multifaceted domain and data science expertise gives you the benefit of a single "shop" to turn to for end-to-end services in AI adoption.


Simpler Project Execution

Our methodologies allow us to achieve shorter time to value, lower cost, and simpler project execution in AI.


'Optimal Fit' Solutions

The solutions we build for your company are an “optimal fit” to your identified, high-priority pain points (use cases). 



We work closely and collaboratively with your internal IT and functional teams to make our work transparent; our solutions deliver interactive dashboards on any device.


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