SMART AI Platform
continuously updates & adapts to future conditions continuously calibrates predictions & prescriptions detects, recognizes & classifies new patterns converts all data sources into a single, 360-degree view sends actionable intelligence to 'point of use' in real-time

Our cloud-based platform powers all AI solutions

allowing for: 

Scalability    +     Low Cost of Ownership   +    Low-Risk Strategy

It takes you from data ingestion to prescribed action by: 

  • Processing continuous, real-time external & internal data feeds
  • Guaranteeing AI model performance & recalibration 
  • Delivering insights & prescriptions to user dashboards

SMART AI Platform


Lighting the Way to Your Digital Transformation

Persistent AI at your fingertips

Advanced AI solutions

Behavioral intelligence insights

Automatic performance monitoring

Automatic model adjustments

Mitigation/elimination of analytic drift

Customizable user experience

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