Power Plant

advanced reasoning & decision making... continuously updates & adapts to future conditions... continuously calibrates predictions & prescriptions detects, recognizes & classifies new patterns... converts all data sources into a single, 360-degree view... actionable intelligence sent to 'point of use' in real-time...

SMART AI ... is the Foundation and Accelerator of Digital Transformation 

Why our approach to SMART AI can work for you

Lower Risk and Lower Costs 

  • We can develop, integrate, and operate your AI
  • We can tackle your AI initiatives one use case at a time or develop a full roadmap -- your choice
  • Our Power Plant lives in the cloud, so you can share technology costs with other users
  • We have a proven opportunity assessment process that takes weeks rather than long consulting engagements
  • We build use-case-specific AI microapps that accelerate time to value
  • Our modular microapps can work alone or together to provide AI solutions along your value chain
Our SMART AI Power Plant and Microapps are not only our competitive advantage ... they are yours!



A2Go SMART AI Power Plant

- Persistent AI at your fingertips

- Highly advanced AI solutions

- Behavioral intelligence insights

- Automatic performance monitoring

- Automatic model adjustments

- Mitigation/elimination of analytic drift

- Customizable user experience




Data Scientists: Contact us to learn more

Coming Soon, Our SMART AI Power Plant can be used by your data scientists as an accelerator of AI initiatives to develop and deploy decision-specific solutions throughout your organization.  Please fill out the form to learn more.

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