Power Plant

advanced reasoning & decision making... continuously updates & adapts to future conditions... continuously calibrates predictions & prescriptions detects, recognizes & classifies new patterns... converts all data sources into a single, 360-degree view... actionable intelligence sent to 'point of use' in real-time...

A2Go's SMART AI Power Plant and Microapps Can Become the Centerpieces of Your Digital Transformation 

The Power Plant can be used by data scientists to accelerate AI initiatives or as the foundation to deploy decision-specific solutions throughout an organization while being continuously maintained and improved in the cloud.




Powering Optimized and Continuously Calibrated Intelligence, Predictions, and Prescribed Actions

What Does Our Approach Solve for You?

Simply, our SMART AI Power Plant takes the infrastructure costs and time investments related to building, updating, and maintaining your own NextGen AI digital operating system off of your shoulders. It continuously "learns" as the data changes and integrates with A2Go microapps to deliver optimized solutions to end-users so they can make the best decisions possible.  

A2Go has improved decision-making across industries ranging from quick-service restaurants to manufacturing and can build use-case, specific microapps to solve problems ranging from the supply chain to the customer experience.  Our customers have experienced increases in revenue, operational efficiencies, and conversion rates __ in a timeframe of months rather than years. 

Your business AI transformation can evolve one use-case at a time and be optimized specifically for your business. 





  • We combine business expertise and data analytics for optimized solutions across industries
  • We design small, use-case specific microapps to improve your decision making 
  • We simplify consumption of real-time analytics 
  • We operationalize your AI strategy with automation and data-driven, targeted solutions
  • We have developed techniques to deliver actionable intelligence to your end-users

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