Transportation Use Cases

Supply Chain and Freight Logistics

Global Agrochemical Company (70 Countries): This company was operating with a low level of strategic planning, resulting in an inflexible logistics network, poor compliance with routing, and large, disparate shipment data sources. It lacked a repeatable freight transportation process and logistics supply-demand matching, causing increased costs and points of inventory starvation and bloating. The results were excessive premium freight costs, costly logistics inefficiencies, and inaccurate supply matching.

A2Go provided a redesign and optimization of the segmented logistics network, along with a Logistics Visual Workbench which supported a single data hub. In addition, a "self-directing" routing-optimization application was built along with a predictive and prescriptive early-warning application to prioritize alerts and notification.

Overall, freight costs were reduced by 38% and premium freight costs by 67%. The early warning system contributed to a reduction of $90M in operating costs. End-to-end logistical operational efficiency improved by 68%.


Freight Routing and Visibility

Global Agricultural Company (29 Countries): This company lacked coordination between transportation and warehousing, a repeatable freight transportation process, and visibility of assets in real time.

A2Go built multiple applications to provide SMART AI, analytics-driven solutions for Premium Freight Authorization, Logistic Supply-Demand Optimization, and a Visual Workbench that supported a single data hub.

Premium freight costs were reduced by 82%; cost-to-deliver was lowered by 54%; and service quality increased by 67%. End-to-end predictive visibility and reporting reduced operating costs by $75M and  improved end-to-end logistical operational efficiency by 72%.